(Asheville, NC) As the Tree Biotechnology 2013 conference kicked off early Monday, two Asheville residents were arrested after disrupting a major presentation by Belgian tree engineer Wout Boerjan entitled, “Engineering trees for the biorefinery.”

The protestors said that if legalized, GE trees would lead to the destruction of native forests and biodiversity in the US South, and be economically devastating to rural communities.

The talk was disrupted for 20 minutes.

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5/28/2013 11:38:29

They had zero effect on the conference!

5/29/2013 05:51:12

Great name for a troll! However, beware: the real Rumpelstiltskin tore himself in half after having a fit.

5/29/2013 12:37:08

You people continue to lie about your numbers and your impact....the march/protest had zero effect on the conference.....and at most there might have been 75 people ....all afraid to cross the line and get arrested.


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