PicturePhoto: Bennington for GJEP
Just a day after two Asheville, NC residents were arrested for interrupting a talk at the Tree Biotechnology 2013 Conference, hundreds of demonstrators descended upon the conference center, throwing the biggest industry event of the year into utter chaos.

The demonstration – the world’s largest ever against GE trees – lasted four hours, and included speakers, singing, chanting and street theatre.

As part of a international movement against extreme energy extraction, demonstrators included members of Earth First!, Tar Sands Blockade, Mountain Justice and anti-mountaintop removal activists.  Local farmers, grandparents, children and students also participated.

5/31/2013 05:34:12

It was more like 75-100, not hundreds and in addition to the chanting and singing, there was profanity and harassment. Btw, flipping people off and yelling profanity at people only serve to make it so no one wants to listen to you. Grow up and have a healthy reasonable debate. Show your intelligence not your immaturity.


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